Yilmaz Gündüz Library was established to support the education and research activities of our university and  organize and provide all kinds of information and documents required by its users. The University Library holds more than Ten thousand volumes and 11000 items and materials in all formats, languages, and subjects, over 100,000 electronic books, 12,000 films. Great collections are brought to life by great people – students and scholars, and visitors to the Library past, present and future.

The goal of the University Library is to become the nation's leading institution in terms of physical and electronic access to its collections. The Library is already well-known for allowing anyone--not just the university community--to use its collection on-site. Now patrons from around the world visit the library website to access our online resources, averaging nearly half a million hits per week. The Library's worldwide patrons also know that if they call the Library with a reference question, they will receive the same outstanding professional help that on-site users receive.

The library plays a central role in your education and we are here to help you learn to do research, find information, navigate the Web efficiently, and evaluate information you find. The Yilmaz Gündüz Library offers resources in many formats and we are continually working to enhance our holdings. Through our consortial agreements, the Bradley community has access to the collections,  and you can get books delivered to you in a reasonable amount of time.

We have a computer lab, containing both PC and Mac machines, and you can check out a wireless laptop for use in the library. We are generally open until midnight and beyond. 

We also welcome the Cyprus community to the library. Our doors are open to all and we have four computers that can be used. If you want to check out a book and have no affiliation with Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University, ask for help at the desk.


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