Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University offers international students a package of services so that their arrival in N.Cyprus and incorporation into the University is as comfortable and simple as possible.

The Admission Service and New International Student will support you at all times, helping you with the procedures in your country, contracting services in Cyprus (Bank, telephone, healthcare, etc.) and solving any doubts or actions that may arise during the course.



The team will help you during the Admission Process so that differences in education systems do not cause problems and you can process the homologation of your studies to the Spanish system. We will take care of:

  • -Providing you with the list of documentation you must deliver (adapted to each case and specific nationality)
  • -Check the documentation sent
  • -Deliver documentation to the corresponding official offices *
  • -Supervision and follow-up of procedures (payment of fees, deadlines, etc.)
  • -Collecting final approval document.


If you are not a TRNC citizen, in order to study in Morphou id and therefore to reside in N.Cyprus for more than 1 months, you must apply for your Foreign Identity Number and the physical card.

If you are a TRNC citizen you can apply for Registration as a foreigner and obtain a Foreign Identity Number. It is not mandatory but it will allow you to carry out procedures in Spain like signing a work contract.

The Service of Admission and New International Student will take care of:

  • -Providing you with the list of documentation you must deliver (adapted to the case and specific nationality)
  • -Receiving your documentation and deliver it to the Immigration Police for processing*
  • -Paying the administrative fees

*The University will act on behalf of the student in the first step of the process (application). The following steps must be done by the student since nobody can act on his behalf.


Each country has different legislation and the procedures for studying in a foreign country are often complex. In particular, applying for a visa is one of the most complicated steps, since, in most cases, it involves having a letter of invitation or contract (study/work).

For this reason, if you need to ask for a student visa to be able to study in N.Cyprus, we will send you your letter of acceptance by registered mail.


KSTU has an agreement with the Ziraat Bank for international students. The Admission and New International Student Service offers to manage the opening of a bank account and will make an appointment with the Bank so that, upon your arrival in Morphou, you can collect the documentation for your bank account and meet the staff of the bank.


Today is very important to be connected, and more when you are in a foreign country and new. For this reason, the Admission Service and New International Student will manage your SIM card with Turkcell number so you can use it from the first day. You just have to go pick it up at our offices and activate it easily.

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