A university with an international campus with students and staff from all over the world: Cyprus University of Health and Social Sciences We want our students to grow up as world citizens. That is, we do not want the language they use, the education they receive, the technological infrastructure they have, or any '' catch-up '' and 'development behind them' What do you need for this? Of course, first of all, the right communication. It is important that they can communicate well no matter which side they are, that they can look at the same place with the people they meet. Of course, the primary method for this is to know the language. It's based on the right communication. Beyond that, knowing a language, when you are learning that language, you realize that you understand the world of people speaking that language, it is so valuable that you are starting to become the people of this world. Nowadays, the language that one of three people can speak is of course English. We take great care that our students learn correct and sufficient English through understanding that they are educated as a world person, a good communicator, not just by learning the lessons or preparing them for their profession. Students who have graduated from the University of Cyprus Health and Society Sciences grow up as individuals who can create space for themselves in every aspect of the world. Because, on the basis of communication, every profession, every industry, even every relationship is based on the basis. We also offer English language education to our students. However, we do not give this training in the name of the preparatory class, just a click, and allow our students to study English for as long as they are studying, that is, for four years. This ensures that our students are based on the English education they receive, not just in English,  '' GOOD ENGLISH ''.

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