Dear Students,

Each of you, who have just received their school leaving diplomas and standing on the threshold of their new life, has to make a choice of your future profession. This choice is one of the hardest ones since it will determine your whole life, thus, has to be made carefully and in details.

We, as Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University family, have opened your doors for you to provide you more options, help and guide you throughout this stressful, but exciting period. Every individual can forge his own happiness. All that is needed is to program yourself to the success a priori.

We are assured that CHSSU is that foundation you need to start to build your future and your success on. Taking into considerations the “breath” of modern times, integrating everything that is innovative, perfect, demanded in theoretical curriculum and training practices, we are trying to provide you a spectrum of educational programs in higher education and a new view on it. A choice is yours!

We strongly believe that by preferring Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University you will find both a secured successful future and a new international family, which will be next to you all the time.

Sincerely Yours,

Prof. Dr. Müslüm ÇİÇEK



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