The main objective of the Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University Faculty of Law is to grow up professionals devoted to their work to adopt and protect the rule of law and universal principles of non-violation of human dignity. The curriculum of the Faculty of Law, which includes courses in European Law, International Law, economics and public finance, will lay down a professional background for the future legislative, public administration and private sector organs officials.

Students who graduate from the program will take the title of "Lawyer". Faculty graduates may be lawyers, judges, prosecutors, may be in diplomacy and property management, or they may work in different branches of the private sector, or they may lead to an academic career.

In addition to acquiring basic knowledge of legal science, a curriculum has been prepared to acquire the practical problems and the analysis of new developments. An interdisciplinary point of view is needed to address all aspects of psychology. For this reason, the curriculum for the acquisition of social science formation as well as the courses of education - sociology - philosophy were included in the program.

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