The field of Pharmacy was founded with the aim to increase the health and life quality of human beings. Professionals in this field are preoccupied with production, research, testing, preservation, and correct use of effective medication and medical substances. The aim of Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University Faculty of Pharmacy is to grow up a new generation of well-educated and trained, highly qualified professionals in their field, performing their actions in accordance with the ethical values and principles.

Students who graduate from the faculty will take the title of "Pharmacist". The working areas of pharmacists are quite extensive. They can work in private, public hospitals and laboratories, factories for the pharmaceutical industry, institutions such as their own hospitals or pharmacies.

In addition to transferring the basic knowledge of pharmacy discipline at the graduate level, a curriculum has been prepared for the acquisition of practical skills and the analysis of new developments. An interdisciplinary point of view is needed to address all aspects of pharmacy. For this reason, while the program was being developed, courses on nutrition and dietetics - health management - genetics and bioinformatics as well as courses for the acquisition of social science formation were included.

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