Student Life Department

The University of Cyprus School of Health and Social Sciences attaches importance to improving themselves in their fields by directing their students to community and sports activities in off-school times. In this direction, the social, cultural and sports activities that take place in the university are organized and coordinated by the Student Life Department.

Student Communities / Clubs

Our students have the opportunity to improve themselves by taking part in all phases of organization, management and operation of the communities and clubs established by them. We have more than 30 student communities / clubs at our young age and the number of communities is rapidly increasing in each academic year.
Every student at our university can become a member of the Student Community or the club that he / she wants, and he / she can establish a new community / club by fulfilling the necessary conditions on the field. You can send your messages to for questions and comments about Student Communities / Clubs.

Sports Activities

Our unit is engaged in various activities in order to develop sportive skills, to create lifelong friendships and to encourage a healthy lifestyle.
Throughout the academic year, our students can participate in sports tournaments organized on campus, and participate in competitive and entertainment-based sporting activities.
At the same time, our university participates in sports competitions and leagues between universities. You can forward your messages to e-mail address for your questions and comments about sports activities.

Disabled Advisory and Coordination Unit

The Cyprus Advisory and Coordination Unit of the University of Health and Social Sciences discovers the challenges faced by students with disabilities, faculty members and administrative staff in our campuses in academic and social life and works to produce solutions in the face of problems and make necessary arrangements. In addition, our unit aims to realize activities that will raise awareness about disability.
If you have any questions or comments about the disabled unit, please send your e-mail address to and you can get information from the website of the disabled counseling and coordination unit.

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