To carry out the planning, coordination and control activities necessary for the transportation, security, maintenance-repair, food, cleaning and consultancy services of the university to be carried out smoothly.


Registration of students, registration of course, certificate of learning, identity, deferment, transcript, registration freeze, attachment, horizontal transfer, exemption, scholarship, temporary graduation, diploma and so on. To carry out the business and operations related to the documents, prepare the documents.

0392 444 5788 (444 KSTU)

Ext. 1115

To manage the institutional communication and strategy activities of Cyprus University of Health and Social Sciences in line with the strategic plans determined by the top management.



The University of Cyprus School of Health and Social Sciences attaches importance to improving themselves in their fields by directing their students to community and sports activities in off-school times. In this direction, the social, cultural and sports activities that take place in the university are organized and coordinated by the Student Life Department.



To manage the promotion, vocational guidance and career activities of Cyprus University of Health and Social Sciences in line with the strategic plans determined by the top management.


0392 444 5788 (444 KSTU)

To establish, plan, coordinate and supervise the international education strategy of the University of Cyprus Health and Social Sciences, which includes foreign students and international exchange programs; To establish and implement the necessary strategies to ensure that the university is recognized and preferred in the international education environment.

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Address: Kutlu Adalı Bulvarı, Morphou (Guzelyurt), CYPRUS

Telephone number: +90 392 444 0468  (ext. 1118/19)

Head Office: +90 392 714 6895







To plan, coordinate and supervise processes involving the planning, recruitment, development and continuity of the human resources needed for the university.

0392 444 5788 (444 KSTU)

To provide the development and implementation of contemporary information technologies in order to increase efficiency in the service processes carried out by university-affiliated academic and administrative units; Creating the computer infrastructure; Coordinating and managing information processing services; Ensuring that innovations are implemented in the university by following technical developments.


IT Director



To provide all kinds of information and documents in printed and electronic media required for the education and research activities of the university and to provide access by making technical transactions in international standards; Coordinating the establishment and operation of the necessary information technology in the libraries for these services; To support education and research activities in cooperation with academic units; To carry out the work of providing, digitizing, preserving and transferring rare works to printing and writing; To present the outputs of scientific studies supported by public sources as open access.



Dr. Serdal IŞIKTAŞ


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