Cyprus Health and Social Sciences Laboratories offers the ideal setting to study the medical and health world. Faculty and researchers from around the world come to CHSSU to study Medical sciences, chemistry, biology, ecology and other health disciplines. Students find opportunities to immerse themselves in research and coursework, connecting classroom learning.

Currently, CHSSU has 16 laboratories which are fully equipped, integrated with electronic systems, intelligent management system, computers and internet.

  1. Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Laboratory
  2. Computer & Research Laboratory
  3. Nursing Laboratory
  4. Medical Biology, Genetics & Microbiology Laboratory
  5. Pharmacology & Biochemistry Laboratory
  6. Histology & Embryology Laboratory
  7. Dentistry Laboratory
  8. Audiometry Laboratory
  9. Optician Laboratories
  10. Biophysics Laboratory
  11. Midwifery Laboratory
  12. First and Emergency Laboratory
  13. Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory
  14. Operating Room Laboratory
  15. Patient Simulation Laboratory
  16. Nutrition and Dietetic Laboratory

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