The educational language of the Mathematics Teacher Training programs is Türkçedir. The department's education program aims to train qualified mathematics teachers who can train future generations for the second stage of primary education in line with the needs and requirements of both our country and the times. In addition to strengthening the professional knowledge and experience of students, our department emphasizes their orientation towards sports, arts, communication and cultural activities that support their personal development and enhance their creativity and social relations. Mathematics, one of the basic skills that individuals have to have throughout their lives, is of great importance at every stage of the educational process. The mathematical infrastructure is critical for every individual in the industry, both in trade and services. Therefore, mathematics education, which is planned to be given as an interdisciplinary and theoretical and practical infrastructure, will greatly contribute to the graduation process of all our graduates.

Teaching is one of the areas where employment openness is continuing. On the other hand, the increase and the need for changes in the requirements bring the entry of new institutions into the education sector. In this respect, mathematics teacher education graduates can work both in the public and private sector.

An interdisciplinary point of view is needed in order for mathematics education to be studied in all its aspects. For this reason, while the program is being developed, courses related to the acquisition of digital science formation have been included with the courses of education - statistics - econometrics - applied economics - information and communication technologies. In addition to the basic knowledge on discipline in Mathematics Teaching, a curriculum has been developed for the acquisition of practical skills and the analysis of new developments.

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