The healthcare sector is at the forefront of increasing areas due to increasing population and needs differentials worldwide. The fact that such a structure is the case raises the need to bring the costs to an optimal level, to increase the efficiency and to increase the satisfaction of the service purchasers. On the other hand, the number of private health institutions operating in the health sector increased day by day; The recompense brings restructuring in business processes depending on the business. Staff recruitment at this point is of great importance. Thus, the main aim of the Cypriot Health and Social Sciences University Health Management Department is; Is to educate the health managers who have the skills that the sector needs, who have vision, who are open to newness and who can transfer the newly acquired information to business processes. Health institutions have a major role in improving the health level of society and transforming it into a sustainable structure. For this reason, the training of the personnel to be employed in the management of the health institutions in accordance with the modern necessities and equipped personnel is emerging as an important element. Thus, at our university, which closely follows the changes in the health sector and aims to integrate these changes into its curricula and practices, the training of well-equipped healthcare administrators will provide an advantage in enhancing the sector's development and international competitiveness.

Students who graduate from the program will receive the title "Health Manager". The health sector is at the forefront of employment continuity. On the other side, the increase and the need for changes in the requirements bring the entry of new institutions into the health sector. In this direction, the graduates of health management department can work in hospitals and health institutions which are in public or private health sector.

In addition to passing basic information on the discipline of Health Management in the department that will provide undergraduate education, a curriculum has been prepared for the acquisition of practical problems and analysis skills of new developments. An interdisciplinary point of view is needed to address health management in all its aspects. For this reason, while the program was being developed, courses related to the acquisition of social science formation together with health, business and economics courses were included.

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