Physiotherapists, physical therapy and rehabilitation programs, plans and practices of patients diagnosed by specialist physicians; Specialists in physical exercise and training programs to increase physical fitness to prevent illness and disability and provide physical treatment. In developed countries, physiotherapists' therapeutic roles, preventive physiotherapy and public health approaches, health promotion and disease prevention roles have been added in recent years. With these practices they have become an integral part of health goals for everyone. Employment of physiotherapists is possible in many fields of medicine. The population increase in the world increases the need for physiotherapists due to changes in social and economic structure and social factors. Despite the rapid increase in need, there is a need for specialist personnel to present physiotherapy applications or perform interventions. The training of physiotherapists with theoretical and practical background in the direction of this information will be an advantage in meeting both social needs and employment demands.

Students who graduate from the program will get the title of "Physiotherapist". - All private and public hospitals - Family Health Centers - Medical Centers - Community Health Centers - Rehabilitation Centers - Health Institutions Offering Remote Diagnosis and Treatment Services - Elderly Care Homes - Schools - Workplace Health Units - Institutions providing home care services - Emergency Health Services - Physical Therapy Centers

The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Undergraduate Program offers a four-year education and training aimed at graduating as a physiotherapist equipped with theoretical knowledge, practical skills and professional attitudes of students with a broad and comprehensive curriculum. In addition to the roles of physiotherapists in "giving care" and "participating in the treatment plan", they are also involved in "creating a safe and healthy environment", "education", "consulting", "research" And "providing communication".

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Update: 06.11.2017

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