Midwifery; It is a health discipline equipped with maternal and child health care services, a theoretical and practical education which is responsible for mother and baby care, planning and evaluation of prenatal, postnatal and postnatal care and health services. This section provides information on pregnant women who are pregnant and who perform the necessary examinations, who follow and care for the prenatal and the baby, early diagnosis of the risky pregnancies and who are in the recommendations, who take care of the mother at the time of birth, Aims to raise the need for both the public sector and the private sector, who can take out the placements manually when necessary, determine abnormal situations in the mother and the new nature, care for and follow-up during the postnatal period in risky situations, participate in family planning and practices. Increase in nurse needs due to population increase, changes in social and economic structure and social factors. Although the need does not increase rapidly, there is a need for specialist staff to present nursing applications or perform interventions. The training of nurses with theoretical and practical infrastructure in line with this information will provide advantages in meeting both social needs and employment demands.

- All private and public hospitals

- Family Health Centers

- Medical Centers

- Community Health Centers

- Rehabilitation Centers

- Health Institutions Offering Remote Diagnosis and Treatment Services

- Can work in Emergency Health Services.

In addition to the basic knowledge on midwifery discipline, a curriculum has been developed in order to acquire the skills of analyzing the problems experienced in practice and new developments. In the curriculum vocational courses for specialization such as normal and risky birth, postnatal care, women's health and diseases, child health and diseases will be given theoretically and practically.

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