Prepare programs aimed at developing children's versatility at a level that will prepare them for the future, prepare them for the future, and identify risk factors, identify risk factors, identify preventive approaches for children at risk, make their parents aware "Child Development". Due to population growth, changes in social and economic structure and social factors, the need for child development is increasing. Despite the rapid increase in need, there is a need for specialized staff to present child development-oriented practices or to develop systems. In line with this information, raising child development workers with theoretical and practical background will be an advantage in meeting both social needs and employment demands.

Students graduating from the program will receive the title "Child Development". The working areas of children's development are quite extensive. - All private and public hospitals - Family Health Centers - Kindergartens - Community Health Centers - Rehabilitation Centers - Institutions affiliated to the Ministry of National Education - Child Care Homes - Children's cribs - Establishments with Kindergarten

In addition to acquiring basic knowledge of child development and education science, the curriculum for the acquisition of problem analysis and analysis of new developments has been prepared in the undergraduate level. Pre-school education needs an interdisciplinary point of view so that it can be handled in all its aspects. For this reason, while the program was being developed, courses related to education, sociology, philosophy, psychology, information and communication technologies as well as the acquisition of social science formation were included.

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