Identification of the nutritional status of the community under the program; Identifying problems and priorities and evaluating them; Seeking, proposing and implementing solutions to improve the nutritional level of the country; Identification and orientation of food and nutrition plans and policies; Nutrient analysis, nutrient requirements of different age groups will be examined. Dominates nutrition concepts and theories; To apply knowledge in health, education and business fields; There is a need for a person to provide adequate and balanced nutrition awareness in the community for the prevention and treatment of diseases through the protection and development of health. At this point, recruitment of qualified personnel is also on the agenda for the individuals who need nutritional health support. The aim of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics of the University of Cyprus Health and Social Sciences; To develop social service specialists who have the skills required in the social service fields and who have the theoretical and practical information infrastructure required by the field of development, vision and service area. Increases in irregular nutrition, changes in social and economic structure and social factors increase the need for nutrition and diet. Despite the rapid increase in need, there is a need for specialist staff to provide nutrition and dietetic practices or to perform interventions. The training of nutrition and dietetics specialists with theoretical and practical infrastructure in line with this information will be an advantage in meeting both social needs and employment demands.

Students who graduate from the program will receive the title "Dietitian" or "Nutrition and Dietetic Expert". The fields of nutrition and dietetics are very broad. Medical centers can work in institutions such as maternity and child health centers, special care centers, special nutrition and counseling centers, media organizations, food factories, international health institutions

A curriculum for the acquisition of basic knowledge about the discipline of Nutrition and Dietetics as well as the analysis of the problems experienced in practice and the analysis of new developments has been prepared. An interdisciplinary point of view is needed to address nutrition and diet in all its aspects. For this reason, while the program was being developed, courses related to the acquisition of social science formation with health management - psychology - biology courses were included.

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