Nursing is a health discipline that is responsible for the planning, organization, implementation and evaluation of nursing services for the purpose of protecting, developing and improving the health and well-being of the individual, community and society, and for the education of those who perform these services. The aim of the Cypriot Health and Social Sciences University Nursing Department is; Individual / family and collective "Critical Nursing Care", which provides healthcare, nursing care, preventive, curative and supportive nursing care services, educates health care personnel and health care personnel, and serves as an effective member of health care team. To develop nursing practices through thought and research, to know health education-communication and technology, and to raise the health man power needed both in public and private sectors. The population increase in the world increases the need for nurses due to changes in social and economic structure and social factors. Although the need does not increase rapidly, there is a need for specialist staff to present nursing applications or perform interventions. The training of nurses with theoretical and practical infrastructure in line with this information will provide advantages in meeting both social needs and employment demands.

Students who graduated from the Home Care Service Program will receive the title "Nurse". The work areas of nurses are quite extensive.

- All private and public hospitals

- Family Health Centers

- Medical Centers

- Community Health Centers

- Rehabilitation Centers

- Health Institutions Offering Remote Diagnosis and Treatment Services

- Elderly Care Homes

- Schools

- Workplace Health Units


- Can work in Emergency Health Services.

In addition to the basic knowledge of nursing discipline, a curriculum has been developed for the acquisition of the analysis skills of problems and new developments in practice. In the curriculum, specialized courses such as nursing principles, internal medicine nursing, surgical diseases nursing, public health nursing, child health and diseases nursing, women health and diseases nursing, mental health and diseases nursing, nursing management and physical examination methods in nursing Will be given in practice.

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