Psychology; Is a basic science for developing and evaluating the behaviors, mental processes and emotional life of individuals with the help of scientific methods. Today, psychology knowledge; Industry, education, health, security, art, information technology and has a wide range of applications and uses in many disciplines. The aims of the department; To provide students with new information in various fields of psychology, to provide students with the reinforcement of learning with practice, to develop critical and creative thinking, to improve perception skills, to teach experimental techniques and field research techniques, to acquire scientific data and to analyze them. The availability of psychology in many areas will provide significant advantages to the students and the environment in which the students will be served, depending on the scope and content of the course, as well as the many areas of practice.

Students who graduate from the program will get the title of "Psychologist". The fields of study of psychology graduates are extremely wide and diverse. Graduates; In hospitals, guidance centers, research centers, advertising companies, business associations and human resources departments, special education centers, nurseries, universities, high schools and balanced schools can work. In addition, graduates with pedagogical formation can be appointed as teachers of guidance and vocational knowledge courses in the Ministry of National Education. Psychologists continue to have academic career in their education. In this respect, they can specialize in clinical and experimental counseling, educational, industrial psychology, and so on, by teaching in the university. In addition, they can take place at the stages of integration management to the services of institutions and organizations, specialization fields, institutions and organizations.

In addition to basic knowledge of psychology science, a curriculum has been developed in the department for the acquisition of practical skills and the analysis of new developments. In the curriculum, specialized courses such as social psychology, developmental psychology, clinical psychology, child psychology and neuropsychology will be given theoretically and practically as well as basic topics related to biology, economics and statistics.

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