Sociology is a scientific and political field in which changes in social structure, from men’s daily life through social events to the effects of state institutions on the society, are analysed on a theoretical and practical level. Sociologic approach analyses people’s relations with each other and with social and state structures during social events to come up with critical solution methods. The graduates of the department are entitled as sociologist. A sociologist keeps in contact with people and society to understand and explain them, analyses the interaction patterns between them and does all these activities on a scientific level.

Students who graduate from the program will get the title of "Sociologist". Sociologists can work in the relevant departments of public institutions such as Ministry of Development, Ministry of Public Works and Settlement, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Rural Affairs, Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of Labor and Social Security and private sector institutions. Sociologists can direct their knowledge, skills and work habits during their training to research studies in public relations and publicity areas in case of any unemployment. They also deal with human resources activities. Within the framework of this requirement, multi-faceted professional development will be the subject of discussion and it is also thought that the use of computers will become more prevalent in the statistical regulation of data. Sociology graduates who have successfully completed the Pedagogical Formation Program can teach.

You can access the curriculum section of the sociology department's curriculum.

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