Social service is a science aimed at maximizing social welfare by enabling social change in society to be carried out effectively, emancipating and empowering people. In parallel with the economic, social and cultural changes in the society, social services are needed in providing the support they need for the solution of social problems and integrating them with the environment of the individuals. At this point, recruitment of qualified personnel is also on the agenda for the individuals who need social and economic support and the support for social services. The aim of the Social Services Department of the University of Cyprus Health and Social Sciences; To develop social service specialists who have the skills required in the social service fields and who have the theoretical and practical information infrastructure required by the field of development, vision and service area. Population growth, changes in social and economic structure and social factors increase the need for social services. Despite the rapid increase in need, there is a need for specialist staff to present social services or to implement interventions. In line with this information, the training of social service specialists with theoretical and practical background will be an advantage in meeting both social needs and employment demands.

Students who graduate from the program will receive the title "Social Worker".

In addition to the basic knowledge on social work discipline, a curriculum has been developed for the acquisition of practical skills and the analysis of new developments. Introduction to social work in the curriculum, social anthropology, social services and social welfare, health legislation, social service theories, family law, local governments and social services, social service interventions, women's rights and protection, elderly and social services, Professional courses, such as family therapies, will be given theoretically and practically.

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