Psychological counseling and guidance is a science that investigates and explores the underlying causes of human behavior and mental processes. In parallel with the economic, social and psychological changes in society, psychological counseling and guidance activities are needed in order to provide the psychological support that individuals need in the solution of social problems and in harmony with the environment of the individuals. At this point, recruitment of qualified staff is also on the agenda in terms of support for individuals who need social and psychological support in psychological counseling areas. The aim of the Department of Psychological Counseling and Guidance of the University of Cyprus Health and Social Sciences; To educate guidance teachers and specialists who have the necessary qualifications in their fields, who are open to development, who have vision and who have the theoretical and practical information infrastructure required by the field of service, Population growth, changes in social and psychological structure and social factors increase the need for psychological counseling and guidance services. Despite the rapid increase in need, the need for expert guidance personnel to present psychological guidance practices or to carry out interventions is a matter of question. In line with this information, training of guidance teachers and specialists with theoretical and practical background will be an advantage in meeting both social needs and employment demands.

Students who graduate from the program will take the title of "Psychological Counselor". The fields of study of psychological counseling and guidance specialists are quite extensive. They can work in schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education, special education institutions, special rehabilitation centers, special psychological counseling centers, family counseling centers, kindergartens and nurseries.

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