Dentistry, as an educational field was established in order to provide effective and quick responses to the human dental and oral cavity health problems. Malnutrition, population growth, cultural features related to the dental treatment and environmental factors have caused the growing necessity in dental and oral therapy. In order to meet the needs of population in dental care protective dentistry practices and modern technical methods of treatment were developed. Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University is one of few universities in Northern Cyprus providing education on the program of Dentistry. Modern, well-equipped laboratories and qualified academic staff are those components of professional education and training that our future graduates will use for the benefit of humanity.

Students who graduate from the faculty will take the title of "Dentist". Dentists work in a very wide area. Private health institutions and organizations can work in institutions such as the Ministry of Health, Faculty of Dentistry, oral and dental healthcare companies.

In addition to transferring basic knowledge about the discipline of dentistry at the graduate level, a curriculum has been prepared for the acquisition of practical skills and the analysis of new developments. An interdisciplinary approach is needed to address all aspects of dentistry. For this reason, while the program was being developed, lectures on oral and dental health - health management - dental prosthetics courses as well as lectures on the acquisition of social science formation were included.


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