Law covers not only the fields of justice, prosecution and lawyers but also the areas of regulation of rights, liberty and justice in all areas of social life. In this respect, the establishment of traditional and universal legal principles for law, social institutions and organizations; Has been extended to a wide range of services such as the identification and organization of individual, national and international principles. It is the main aim of the Ministry of Justice to train the qualified intermediate human resources required in the Justice Program and the various units of the Ministry of Justice and to provide in-service training for the personnel who have been assigned to the Ministry Organization. In units that are called "pen" in judicial and prosecutorial units, which work in the judicial department of our country, things will progress more quickly and more smoothly with law graduated law school graduates. In the light of contemporary and universal values, the Justice Program aims to ensure that all sectors, including the judiciary, have basic knowledge of law, have theoretical background, follow application of technology, practice technology, respect democratic and social law, respect human rights, Aims to contribute to the realization of justice in our country by raising individuals.

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